I am puzzled and sad about this friend.
At the club’s Instagram page they have mentioned that athletes are required.
So, they display the phone number near the picture they sent for any query.
But when I was Whats-app and asked a simple question.
They just act stupidly and do not answer the question until now.
I hope you are aware.
That such clubs and associations will not be able to go far.
Trust me!
Yeah, maybe because you do not like me.
But it does not matter.
That’s your business.
I just want to follow your team sports training.
I do not want to eat you,
I do not want to kill you,
I just want to be a friend.
Friends of a sport.
Why are you so arrogant?
Is your life really troubled?
If it’s true your life is troubled, let me help you.
The enemy is out, it’s okay.
I’m willing to help!


why ???


I'm strange and confused about a handful of people today,

Who know a little bit about religious knowledge but do not live up to and practice in everyday life.

As well as myself,

Which is just called as a "servant".

But who knows at the end,

maybe given guidance and guidance, May also continue to stray in dark life.

But I really hope so much,We are given guidance and guidance by God to return to the right path ..

Pray for us..


Be yourself

Move one step before others

Believe while others are doubting,

Plan while others are playing,

Study while others are sleeping,

Decide while others are delaying,

Prepare while others are daydreaming,

Begin while others are procrastinating,

Work while others are wishing,

Save while others are wasting,

Listen while others are talking,

Smile while others are frowned,

Commend while others are criticizing,

Persist while others are quitting.




Oh Sweatpants!πŸ‘–
I Think of you,Β πŸ˜•
I Miss you,Β πŸ’•
I Need you, 😭
I Love you. ❀
Oh Sweatpants!πŸ‘–
I Never planned it,Β πŸ‘€
But i’m fall in love with you, 😍
You are so style, 🌌
You make me stunned. 😡
Oh sweatpants!πŸ‘–
You are the most adorable,Β πŸ‘Ό
So Rugged so Interesting,Β πŸ‘»
You are the best among the best.Β πŸ’˜
Oh sweatpants!πŸ‘–
I wait for you, 😢
very passionate about you, 😊
I really hope so much,Β πŸ™
You’ll be mine.πŸ’ƒ
Endβ€¦Β πŸ˜…πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ
Sincerely : yazid_santoso 😜